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At RAW, our personal trainers will help you to achieve your desired health and fitness results in the shortest time possible. Regardless of your desire to lose weight, condition and tone, enhance your aesthetics and physiques, or strengthen to prevent sports injuries. Our personal trainers will assess, monitor, motivate, and hold you accountable for you and your training like never before! Have a glimpse of your 'better self' with the co-created personal training plan by you and our trainers.

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Flexible Training Schedule

Unlike group training, personal training is able to meet your lifestyle needs and is flexible to fit into your busy schedule.

Structured Exercise Program

Unlike group training, personal training is perfect for individuals who are new to gym training or requires a structured exercise program to meet a specific goal to meet your lifestyle needs and is flexible to fit into your busy schedule.

Customised Fitness Program

Tailored based on your fitness statistics and goals, good for individuals with health or medical conditions, as well as movement and/or flexibility restrictions. Your training session is a unique combination of strength training, loaded movement training and functional training method!

Physique Aesthetic Improvement

Do you have the ideal physique that you want to achieve? But you don't know any fitness routine that can give you the body to boast about. Our award-winning personal trainer will mold and chisel you into your dream body!

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Recognize, Activate and Use the right muscle groups for better sport performance! Train the body and strengthen the injury-prone areas. Our personal trainers tailored made personalized training plans based on sport science knowledge. This is for elite clients who are looking to over-achieve in competitive sports and games.

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Sports Performance

Recognize, Activate and Use the right muscle groups for better sport performance! Train the body and strengthen the injury-prone areas. Our personal trainers tailored made personalized training plans based on sport science knowledge. This is for elite clients who are looking to over-achieve in competitive sports and games.

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Weight Loss

Your best chance at incinerating the excess mass. Be equipped - with the right mindset and knowledge for weight loss - to be challenged every week with different training plans for the ultimate weight-loss journey!

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Sports Rehabilitation

Recover from sport injuries and pain. Restore muscle strength, endurance and power! Improve your flexibility and build resilience to reduce the chances for repeated injuries.

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There is no minimum or maximum age requirement. However we would encourage that the parents of clients, who is aged 18 years old and under, to accompany their child during the registration and orientation.

RAW Active aims to train the unfit to be fit and Personal Training sessions will be your best option. Our personal trainer will take into consideration of your medical and health conditions while he builds a fitness plan customized for you.

During training, having a personal trainer to closely monitor you also ensures that you won't over-work your body. However, it is advised to get an approval from your medical physician before engaging in any physical training. Individuals with conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, have a family history of coronary disease before the age of 50, or are unable to perform simple daily tasks due to body composition, should first seek medical advice from their doctors.

We understand the need to change schedule due to unforeseen circumstances. If you're unable to attend training, simply inform your Personal Trainer at least 3 hours before your scheduled session.

Yes. We encourage actionable habit formalization, which is beneficial for our clients to reach their goals quickly and effectively, instead of a recipe-for-recipe nutritional coaching style.

Yes. Please check out our RAW Kickstart Personal Training exclusive for first-timers!
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Kindly drop us a message via our contact form, or whatsapp at 88395147 6859.

Payment for your package can be made at our gym during your first session. We accept various methods of payment:

  • Cash
  • PayNow
  • Grabpay
  • WeChat Pay
  • Credit Card (Amex, VISA, Mastercard)

Teck Kuan Tan

I've been attending personal training with Glenn Ang from Raw Active since last year March 2019, however, I haven't been really following my sessions with Glenn. But he never fails to remind me on staying fit and always giving me pro tips on how to maintain my fitness. After a year, I've finally kickstarted my PT with Glenn again and this time, full throttle! However, when COVID-19 struck, we couldn't continue, which was sad. Hence, I started to do HIIT. What Glenn proposed next was really helpful, he suggested to have a recovery training session with me to help me recover from the HIIT trainings. Thank you Glenn for helping me restart my fitness journey!

Chew Ern Lim

Owner Glenn is very knowledgeable and corrects your form in each workout (super important to me esp since we’re using dumbbell for some of the routine). The use of power plates is also refreshing to me (esp since you don’t get this in other studios) and it intensifies each workout without you knowing (until the next day!).

Been there many times and would highly recommend giving this a try! (Esp those who have minimal experience attending outside classes, might be good to start here!)

Wr Cheng

Glenn is a professional and patient coach. So I am very happy to train with him. He knows and patiently guides and also teaches me how to train at home. Recommend Glenn to everyone.

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Peisi Chen

Interesting boutique gym and workout combinations. Glenn is professional and focused in helping me achieve the desired results. Always helpful to adapt workouts to the current body state. I definitely saw changes and improvement in my physique and strength. Highly recommended!

Sherry Lin

Glenn is very professional and enthusiastic so its a pleasure to train with him. The first training was very difficult for me as it was my first time with a personal trainer but he was very understanding and patient teaching me how to train at home. Now I am more confident and comfortable with the training although it is still tough! Highly recommend Glenn to all.

Christy Chiang

Glenn is a very professional trainer, I just started working out these years but the the training courses he gave me is very acceptable and effective! And he is very inspired PT who can really encourage the trainee to do his or her best! Highly recommended!

Kathy Lin

Nice concept and professional coach make the work out fun and interesting! Most important is effective! Work out at RAW active make me healthier and stronger with Glenn’s professional guidance! Highly recommended to whose enjoy working out with friends !!

Anthony Wu

Glenn is a professional Coach that uses the latest fitness technology to bring you the unique gym experience.

Sybil Lee

Very professional and also friendly coach . I have been working out for more than 20 years and he would cater for individual need and make sure to push you to the best you can do . Highly recommended

Cammie Chua

Highly recommended. Been there, done that and loving my results~ Personal coaching are set according to your goals and results are awesome!Friendly, dedicated, responsible and motivating attitude.Your body will thank you for joining Raw Active.

Rosemary Andrea Lee

I simply love the concept of raw active,being a small gym that has the necessary equipments and the fact that the personal training sessions becomes more focussed.I highly recommend any friends or anybody out there who are planning to start any Personal Training Raw Active is the best place to start off with.

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