With so many 24/7 open gyms, and free online fitness videos readily avaliable, why are individuals still unable to reach their goals? And with some others, unable to achieve breakthrough for years?

We understand that it is not easy to balance fitness goals with stress and long-hours at work, family commitments, meeting with friends, daily temptations when friends post food images, and also set aside time for play and rest.


anti-gym is breakthrough. anti-gym is results focused. anti-gym is backed by our award-winning approach. anti-gym is our ever-evolving approach to reaching your goals.


After months of being inactive, I was looking for a effective program to kickstart my exercise regime. I was referred to Glenn at RAW by a contact who had success through the personal training program. It was hard to get started. Glenn is really patient with the process. He is attentive every session and monitors the progress made and your state during the session. He shares his knowledge and believes in integrating fitness with your lifestyle to ensure sustainability. It has been an interesting and progressive 3 months so far. I look forward to more progress in the months ahead.


Gina Chua

Since I engaged RAW personal training, I already feel my body getting stronger, joints more stable, and have a much better back and hip posture. Glenn is a very knowledgeable personal trainer, and very passionate about his work. I am very pleased with the improvement in muscle strength and balance that I have achieved. Will definitely continue with RAW!

Dr Heng

Dr. Heng

I’ve been with a lot of trainers and gyms but RAW is something else, firstly – there’s a lot of focus on actual presentation of the clients and both ‘real’ movements and compound movements. Next, the assessment is comprehensive- your movement, compensation and mass management is taken seriously. Finally – there’s always the “ do you have questions for me?” “How have you been?” “Are you in discomfort?” I’ve been with RAW and Samuel for the last 4 months have noticed drastic functional improvement.



Owner Glenn is very knowledgeable and corrects your form in each workout (super important to me esp since we’re using dumbbell for some of the routine). The use of power plates is also refreshing to me (esp since you don’t get this in other studios) and it intensifies each workout without you knowing (until the next day!).

Been there many times and would highly recommend giving this a try! (Esp those who have minimal experience attending outside classes, might be good to start here!)

EBC Chew_story

Chew Ern Lim

Glenn is a professional and patient coach. So I am very happy to train with him. He knows and patiently guides and also teaches me how to train at home. Recommend Glenn to everyone.


WR Cheng

Interesting boutique gym and workout combinations. Glenn is professional and focused in helping me achieve the desired results. Always helpful to adapt workouts to the current body state. I definitely saw changes and improvement in my physique and strength. Highly recommended!




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