As Singapore’s first – and probably the world’s – anti-gym, RAW doesn’t recruit typical trainers. We work with smart and driven trainers.

We constantly push ourselves to find better ways to improve our award-winning approach. Since 2009, our trainers have been flying across the globe to acquire new skills. Our personal training fits into your busy schedule with our flexible approach.

We weren’t kidding when we make the statement that we are over-qualified. Our anti-gym approach is tailored to and designed based on your fitness statistics and goals, health or medical conditions, as well as movement and/or flexibility restrictions.



Discover the “anti-gym approach,” a revolutionary fitness concept developed by Glenn Ang, our renowned RAW trainer. Glenn, who graduated with an Exercise and Sports Science degree, founded RAW in 2017, leveraging his 14 years of elite personal training experience and previous role as a fitness manager at Fitness First Sport Performance Club (Capital Tower, Tanjong Pagar).

Glenn’s expertise extends beyond Singapore, as he has coached and educated over 320 fitness coaches across Asia in countries such as the Philippines, China, Jakarta, and Singapore (Fitness First Singapore and Virgin Active Singapore). He is the only personal trainer to have won the prestigious Personal Trainer Of The Year Award twice in Asia (2017 and 2018), cementing his reputation as one of the most respected trainers in the industry.

Glenn’s commitment to continuous improvement and perseverance is reflected in his anti-gym approach, a unique philosophy that challenges conventional gym practices. Discover the power of this approach for yourself at RAW, and experience a new way of thinking about fitness.


Meet Ming Jun, a former commando with 11 years of experience who understands the impact of injuries and treatments that keep coming back. Now, as a highly skilled Rehab & Performance Coach, he’s committed to providing his clients with exceptional care, helping them regain control of their bodies and return to doing what they love.

Ming Jun offers a wide range of services, from pain relief and performance enhancement to achieving fitness goals. He has honed his skills through extensive training from top experts in the industry, including those from the US, and adopts a holistic approach to understanding the human body.

When he’s not working, you can find Ming Jun hitting the gym, enjoying his favorite snacks, or spending time with loved ones. Get in touch with him today and experience the transformation that personalized coaching can bring to your life.


At RAW, we are on the look out for better ways to improve what we can provide our clients. By investing in the right equipment, we design, implement and evaluate the right programmes to enhance performance and achieve results.

We bring in effective world-class fitness equipment constantly, such as the Eleiko IWF Weightlifting Training Set and Platform, VIPR, and Power Plate vibrating platform.

Eleiko (Halmstad, Sweden)
IWF Weightlifting Training Set (Budapest, Hungary)
VIPR (San Francisco) Power Plate (Netherlands)
Keiser (California)
Inbody (South Korea)


From a young age, our founder and lead trainer, Glenn Ang, saw his uncle as a role model. That uncle was a guardsman, who embodied many traits that Glenn admired.

After surviving a plane crash, Glenn’s uncle stayed strong and optimistic, despite having to live with third-degree burns and organ failure. Inspired, Glenn followed his uncle’s footsteps and signed on as an NSF guardsman. After a few years of being an army regular, Glenn came to a realisation that he was in a rut – without paper qualifications, he could one day become like the elderly guardsmen he encountered, leading an aimless life.

Glenn decided to have a career switch. He knew it would be tough, but he also knew that tough was the way to go.

In 2009, Glenn became a fitness trainer at an international CBD gym. A few years later, as his clientele steadily grew, Glenn become a freelance personal trainer. In the same year, Glenn graduated with a sports science degree, and took on the role of a full-time fitness manager in another international CBD gym. After committing 2 years to that role, Glenn took a leap of faith, and opened his own gym.

In December 2016, RAW was born. After months of hard work and perseverance, RAW finally caught the market’s attention.

Currently, RAW conducts both personal and group trainings. While personal trainings target PMEBs between 30 and 40, group trainings are usually great as team bonding amongst younger executives.


Your journey to transformation is just a click away. Check in with us to see for yourself how our personal trainers and personalised system can help you breakthrough and achieve the results you want.

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