Do you have an injury or joint pain that stops you exercising or even just moving normally?

Regain peak performance and function under trainers certified in
Injury Rehabilitation & Functional Training.


Multi-award-winning trainers

Exclusive equipment to promote safe form

Training customised to what your body needs on the day

Whether you’re training to achieve peak performance for your next sports competition, looking to tone muscle, lose body fat and maintain a healthy weight, or you’re seeking to improve functional movement of your body as you age or recover from injury …

 … online training and traditional gym memberships that don’t know YOU personally aren’t going to get you to your goal.  That’s just fact.

Why The Traditional Gym Isn't Your Solution

You know from experience that membership at any gym is underutilised. Let’s be real. Without a tailored programme, you aren’t likely to hit your fitness goals, even with help. And when you have movement challenges, there’s the risk of re-injuring the site and spending a longer time in recovery. 

It’s a waste of money

You either sign up for the year and go faithfully for the first month and gradually reduce attendance to practically never. Or you go but feel intimidated by the machines, trainers or other members and don’t see any results.

Your personal training isn’t personal to you

Even if you pay extra to work under one of their personal trainers, they give you a cookie cutter programmed that isn't personalized to you at all. They can't cater to your injuries and certainly won't adjust your routine to meet your energy level on any particular day.

Injuries could worsen

Because most trainers aren’t certified to manage injury rehabilitation, they’ll avoid exercises that involve you using the injured area at all (even though you need to strengthen the area) or they’ll unknowingly stress the injury before it’s ready to heal. You'll compensate in your movements, stressing other joints, and even worse condition.

RAW Active take a different approach.

We make it personal and we do only what’s proven to work.

Why Turn To RAW Active Anti Gym

RAW Active isn’t your normal gym or personal training provider. We’ve created what we call the anti gym concept. RAW Active is not a social gym you can walk into anytime and use as you choose. It’s by appointment only. But it is personal. And we do get results.

When we say personal, there’s a reason.

Personal Space

As a RAW Active member, you are assigned a personal trainer most suited to keeping you accountable to meet your rehabilitation or fitness goals. Book in at a time of your choice and the entire gym is yours for your session with your dedicated trainer:

  • no other members
  • no distractions
  • no doubts on how to use a piece of equipment.

Just pure focus and expert guidance on the movements you need to go through to advance towards your goals. We’re here for people who mean business around their fitness goals.

Your journey to transformation is just a click away.

Personal Trainer

With degrees in Exercise and Sports Science as well as sports therapy, massage therapy and other specialisations, our team of skilled and qualified gym instructors have the requisite specialised training and credentials to deliver our programmes and therapies and help you reach your fitness goals. As a team, we constantly seek – and test – new knowledge to improve your experience and fine-tune our award-winning approach. 

We specialise in prenatal and postpartum training, muscle-building, fat loss, injury rehabilitation, and more. Your trainer will plan with you a personalised roadmap to get you to your goals. They’ll be here every week, week in, week out, to tailor your sessions based on your progress and hold you accountable so that you stay on track.

What we do works, if you do.

Your journey to transformation is just a click away.

Personal Routine

Your trainer will assess your condition at every session and adjust the intensity to meet your abilities on that day. Sometimes that may mean just massage therapy and on other days, when we know you can take it, we’ll ramp up the exercise intensity. The point is, we work with your body on what it can do on the day. Our trainers know when they need to push you to do more and when they need to get you to hold back.

personal trainer training female client on functional strength training single arm row

Think of RAW Active anti gym as gym membership built around you, with purpose, not excuses.

Your journey to transformation is just a click away.


We offer programmes within each of our therapy segments that we customise to your individual circumstances. Not sure where you fit inBook a trial and we’ll discuss your goals with you and plan your personal roadmap!

Your journey to transformation is just a click away.


Don’t judge us by the amount of equipment we have. You’ll never see wall-to-wall treadmills at RAW Active. We focus on keeping your body functional and that’s what our equipment is designed to do. We have specially curated this set of highly specialised equipment, which you won’t find in most gyms, to support our rehabilitation and functional training programmes. Each is designed to minimise risk of injury and support correct posture and form as you train.



Absolutely! At RAW Active Personal Training, our personalized training sessions are designed to provide you with complete flexibility to choose the time of your session according to your preferences.

Personal trainers play a crucial role in leading, instructing, and motivating individuals to perform exercises and physical activities that can help them achieve their fitness goals.

Personal trainers conduct a diverse range of training sessions according to your needs. From prenatal & postpartum to muscle-building sessions, all sorts of training sessions are offered at RAW Active personal training.

We offer a wide range of training sessions that are tailored to meet your individual needs and preferences. Whether you are looking to build muscle, lose weight, improve your flexibility, or simply stay active, we have a diverse range of training sessions that can help you achieve your fitness goals. Our highly qualified and experienced personal trainers specialize in everything from prenatal and postpartum training to muscle-building sessions, fat loss programs, injury rehabilitation, and more.

Your journey to transformation is just a click away.

Come be part of a small but focused community serious about transformation.

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