Being a mother is arguably the most difficult role in the world. With the temporary closure of schools and childcare centers due to the ongoing COVID restrictions measures, many parents are struggling to navigate through their work day at home with a kid or two in the mix. In this special Mother Day feature, we caught up with our Fit Mums from RAW and find out how they are coping emotionally and making the most out of this stay-home period with their children.

Celeste Lim – Teacher and Mother of 1

“Finding out that I was going to be a mother was an incredibly thrilling yet scary discovery. I had life going well for me and now the news of a baby; life was going to be very different indeed.

One thing was certain that I did not want my fitness to go down the hill completely. RAW personal trainer Glenn was one of the first to find out that I was expecting and he catered a new workout plan that would be safe and beneficial for me. The exercises were gentle but still challenging. I was able to do some of the exercises from before but at a relaxed pace.

Pregnancy brings about intense fatigue and getting up as early as I used to was proving difficult. I fit in my workouts when I had a long lunch period so that way I get more sleep in the evenings. And when the workout was over, we always had our victory fist bump for a job well done.

Being in my late 30s, I had all sorts of worries; especially the recovery stage of delivery. It’s been a month since my baby boy has been born and may be it’s genetics OR the softer approach of exercise that I took, a lot of baby weight has shed off. I was also able to go out for a walk with baby in tow at week 2. It may have only been for 10 minutes but I take that as a win. I feel that all the steps I took with the guidance of Raw has made my journey to motherhood a happy and healthy one.”

Susan Raj – Private Chef and Mother of 1

“I moved from London to Singapore about 4 years ago, I have been training at RAW with Glenn for little more than 3 years. I have been able to slowly reduce percentage of body fat thus decreasing my body weight. My training sessions are customized and flexible at the same time.
So when my daughter visited us for three months last December and was remote working from home, I was worried for her physically fitness and well-being as she was working on UK hours from Singapore.
I suggested her sessions with Glenn, he was able to work around her challenging working hours. Training at RAW has helped her working stamina improved and boost in her energy levels, that helped her to cope with late working hours. She who had never trained before developed a love for gym training. The positive experience at Raw with Glenn was the reason why she did not waste any time to join a gym when she got back to London.
As a mother I am very pleased that my daughter has made physical training a part of her everyday routine, all thanks to Glenn.”

Kathy Lim – Civil Servant and Mother of 3

作为三个孩子的职场妈妈,我的时间和精力都在工作和陪着孩子的成长。不知不觉地三个孩子也大学毕业工作了,我以为可以像匹马自由自在地四处奔跑了。 但是我发觉我的体力大不如前:走路容易累, 做家务和爬楼梯容易喘,上斜坡更不用说,做事力不从心。

机缘巧合地认识 RAW 教练Wee Hoe , 这是我人生的转捩点。

健身房常是年轻人的健身中心,像我年过半百的我寥寥无几,Wee Hoe 耐心地鼓励我锻炼身体是不分年龄, 什么时候都不算晚,只要动起来总比不动要好。Wee Hoe根据我的体能,设定一系列为我量身制定的力量,增肌和心肺训练。有趣和不呆板的训练让我克服了对运动的心里障碍,也提升了我对自己的信心。


感谢RAW 教练Wee Hoe 让我明白只要我愿意改变, 任何时候开始健身都不晚。

Glenn Ang

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