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3 Steps for Strength Training for Runners

strength training for runners Sab

Hi everyone, this is Glenn and Fitness Best Asia Personal Trainer of the Year in 2018. Welcome to this amazing Fitness Best Asia Masterclass and today I’m going to introduce you: Strength Training for Runners.

This class is great for beginners, intermediate and advanced fitness level. If  you are looking forward to use running as part of strategy to improve your performance, to increase your cardiovascular fitness as well as a way to improve your body composition.

As we know more and more people have been jogging and running during this COVID-19 period and you may have some frustration about aches and pains that you experience and don’t know where you get it from.

You may start to experience knee pain or foot pain. Just let you know that this application may not help to reduce the pain totally but this can be one part of the strategy where you want to look at a more holistic approach in improving the way you run and improving how you balance as well.


Why do strength training with balance emphasis?

In this introductory class, we are incorporating specific strength training that helps in the single leg balancing. Why is it very important to balance in single leg stance?

It is because most of the time we spend 60 to 70 percent of your running gait are all mostly in single leg stance. so improving the single leg balance will tremendously which helps you to run more efficiently.
The keyword for today is efficiency. We want to use the least effort for a maximum output (run further and/ or faster).

There are three components for our strength training segment:

In PREPARE phase, the objective is to normalize your range of motion (mobilize) which means to increase the range of motion of your  joint(s). Because if one joint is restricted, our body will use the other joints help to compensate so that the body can achieve the movement.

Moving with compensation in the short term is still manageable but if you are doing it for a prolonged period, you most likely will experience pains or aching in unexpected areas

Next we are doing activation to activate more muscles of the leg complex that will help in the single leg balance.


In STRENGTHEN phase, we are working on the whole leg complex to work the muscle group as one integrative movement. We are combining strength endurance and balance training to improve the muscular imbalance so that you can move more efficiently.  We also will be working on rotational training.


In RECOVER phase, we are looking to hydrate the fascia connective tissue and muscle tissue with water to enhance the recovery process. We can do this by increasing blood flow around the area via the flushing method.

Thank you for joining us in this 30 minutes  Masterclass and do check out all other Fitness Best Asia masterclasses with other instructors.

Our personal training allows you to meet your lifestyle needs and is flexible to fit into your busy schedule. Feel free to contact us for details.

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